Savanah Marie is TWO!!

I cannot believe that my little Savanah Marie turned two today!  She has brought so much joy, energy, fun, laughter, and love to our family!  

When I was 14 weeks pregnant with her, a sonogram identified my umbilical to only have 2 veins when it should have 3.  So we visited specialists throughout the remainder of my pregnancy to make sure all was ok.  On Monday November 16 (at 39 weeks), we saw the specialist and he was talking about risk of still birth and wondering why I did not have an induction date set.  We looked carefully at another sonogram and identified that there were only 2 veins.  I left that appointment pretty much freaking out and crying.....after talking with my doctor we went ahead and set that on Friday the 20th we would induce just to be careful.

Well, delivery went great and wouldn't you know.....that little miracle came out with three veins to her umbilical cord!!!  Praise the Lord!  It was such a blessing!  And she has continued to be one surprise after another!  I love my little Savy!  I am so proud that the Lord chose me to steward this child of His!  I am thankful that she has taught me to have greater patience, to let the little things go, to let things be out of order for awhile, to laugh hard, to be more consistant, and to take the time to rock her to sleep.  Love you lots and lots!!

Here are some pics of her from the start until now:
Before I was induced....really ready!

Me and my girl!

Maren meeting her sister for the first time....it was love at first sight!

Me and Daddy on our first vacation to St. Louis

Me and my cousin Karsten

Grandma Diane and Great Grandma

Hanging with Sis in her new big girl bed

Me and My Daddy on my FIRST Birthday!

Cute as can be at the pool

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