Morning by Morning

So my scripture for this week is 
Isaiah 50:4b, 
"He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ears to listen like one being taught (NIV)."
"Morning by morning he wakens me and opens my understanding to His Will (NLT)."
"Every morning He makes me eager to hear what He is going to teach me (Good News)."

I love the quietness of the morning.  I love having my cup of coffee, the sun inching over the horizon, my journal, and the silence.  While I love my times with the Lord each morning, I must say that staying in bed for some extra sleep is always tempting me....and sometimes, it wins.  Last week....I just sort of had one of those weeks where I wanted to stay in bed.  And can I tell you....my spirit suffered for it.  So this is my scripture.  I placed it as my prayer request at Bible Study yesterday and wouldn't you know.....this morning I was awakened.  I felt rested and eager to sit at the feet of Jesus.  Sets my heart right, sets my spirit right, sets my day right.  

We should be hearing soon with new November numbers!  I love each month cutting off some more links from our paper chains.  I love praying for the families who are ahead of us on this journey.  Those who are traveling (one I've connected with even tomorrow!!!).  I have also loved connecting with some of those families!  

May I be one who wakens each morning for Jesus
May I be one who has ears to listen like one being taught
May I be one who has her understanding opened to His Will
May I be one who is eager to hear what it is He wants to teach me

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