Feeling Disconnected

So to be honest I have been feeling a bit disconnected in regards to adoption.  There is an aspect of waiting that makes connection hard.  You see, I don't know who our little love is....I don't know if it is a boy.....a girl....5 months old.....15 months old......nada.  And then your agency becomes more disconnected from you because....well....waiting families do not "need" as much attention as a family getting all their paperwork together may need them.  But in some ways.....waiting families need to feel connected.  I can remember when I worked at Children's Hope Int. that adopting Moms would come in during the day and just hang out in the office.  I would of course make them put together packets!  But it made them feel connected.  They had nothing else to do....but putting a packet together, seeing our faces, being in the office probably made them feel that much closer to their child.  And to be honest, I long to feel close to my child.  

I have been praying that the Lord would help me feel connected and I prayed that I would get my "check in" call from AGCI this month.  I have a few questions, and I haven't talked to my new case worker since joining the wait list.  But I got an email that same day I prayed the connecting prayer saying that they were behind a bit and would need to move my connecting call to December.  Of course....my heart fell.  And I sort of ranted and raved to Dave and Nikki.  (Thank you for listening)

But then today.....answered prayer in an unlikely way.

Last night at Fusion, one of my 8th grade girls Sarah told me about a friend of hers at school who's parents owns a coffee shop in town.  They are from Ethiopia!  So I checked them out online and decided that I would work from their coffee shop this morning.  I didn't know if our adoption would come up in conversation at all....and I wanted to be sensitive.  But I told the gal that I had never been in....she asked how I heard about it....told her about Sarah and how we were adopting.  Later, the cutest woman walked up to me and she was the owner.  We talked for about a half hour about our adoption, Ethiopia, the history of coffee, and the Lord. I felt connected.  I felt close to my child.  It was an answer to a prayer I didn't even pray.  Isn't it great how the Lord always knows the needs of our hearts whether we do or not?  What a better connection?  A woman who is from Ethiopia who said to me, "this coffee shop is your home and I welcome you any time with any questions you might have."  

I am thankful for a Lord who loves me so deeply to shower me with this kind of love!  Are you ready for the Lord to answer a prayer that you haven't prayed??

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  1. I am feeling the same way. This waiting stage is an adjustment. We went from rushing around getting paperwork completed, lots of time lines, etc... to now having no real time line, nothing to occupy our minds. Praying that you continue to sense the Lord's hand on every step in the journey!