Learning while remaining

It has been quite some time since I have put anything down on this blog!  I am not sure where I have been.  Life has been a little topsy turvy for me and to be honest.....I can't even put my finger on why.  I have been given the amazing gift and calling to steward a children's theater company.  I am so thankful.  Humbled.  Scared.  Excited.  Challenged.  Passionate.  Called.  And then humbled all over again.  I love kids.  I love theater.  And to clarify more.....I love kids who do theater.  I just love the kind of people that flock to the arts.  I love that they are loud, quirky, talented, crazy smart, their own person, fragile, lovely, elegant, sharp, and most of them....and most of us.....struggle in the fitting in aspect of life.  And so yes.....my heart is made for this crowd.  I feel at home in this crowd, basically because when one has done theater since the age of 7....it sort of does become your home.  So lots of my attention has been drawn to this space in my life.  Learning how to do things that I have no clue doing and learning that it is okay to actually not be good at something.  Accepting that it might take me a long time to figure something out when it could take 5 minutes for someone else.  That doesn't mean anything more about me then it does the other person.....just where I am.  And learning to just be where I am has been hard for me.  So....learning.  That is the space I am.  And the Lord is asking me to remain here.  So I will remain.  Where does God have you?  Is it a space that maybe feels uncomfortable for you as well?  Will you remain as I am?  I am excited to see how the Lord will shape me in the remaining.  How He will transform my heart while I remain in the space I am in rather than running and pretending that the space doesn't exsist (haha....sort of a pattern of mine).  Yesterday was my 32nd birthday.  It was such a great day of being my family....and I love my family.  We are all different and we can all get on each other's nerves.  But at the end of the day....we are each other's biggest fans.  And I love that!  Thankful that they are by my side while I am learning and loving me through it. 

So here is to learning while remaining.  Will you remain in your space today?

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