I know that in my last post I talked about how the Lord warned the Israelites to "not forget" -  "to remember".  So that is this post.  I want to remember it.  Just so I remember the Lord's faithfulness and also.....who knows if this date will be significant one day in our adoption journey.

I have been praying for dreams.  My friend Catherine (Cali girl), started praying for dreams and the Lord provided.  Pretty significant ones.  So I started asking God a few weeks ago for dreams.  Not a one.  Until last night.  I had a dream that we got our referral call.  I can still see the picture of the boy.  He was one year old and in a bouncy type chair that was blue.  He had also just turned 1 on December 4th.  I remember being so excited about that in my dream because that is the day my sister in law got her referral for her little girl in the Congo (don't worry....I will get there).  I just remember thinking what a cool connection.  The one thing that I remember being sad about was that it wasn't my caseworker making the call but a new girl.  I didn't know her name but she was making the call for her.  So that was the dream..........

I had been in a facebook conversation with one of my adoption Momma friends, Joy later on.  I then gave her a call to talk through some things.  Joy and her family have been waiting longer than we have.  As she was talking she said, "I had a dream last night that we got our referral call and it wasn't our caseworker calling but another new girl"-----woh----I couldn't believe it.  Our dreams were a bit different but that one piece, fairly significant, being the same.....woh.

I don't want to forget this.  My call with Joy reminded me of God's faithfulness.  That He is piecing together so many stories.  And that my heart is not the only one longing to see my child!


Now on to my sweet new niece!  My Sister-in-law and her husband began the process in the Congo some months ago and last Tuesday they got their referral of a sweet little girl "M".  She is precious!  We are so excited!  The hard part with Congo is that you get matched quickly and then wait a while.  And another hard part with Congo right now, is that they government is not processing exit letters.

So, dear reader, this is where you come in.  Prayer.......
*Pray for the Lord to move mountains in getting paperwork processed for these 9 kiddos at our transition home and have them matched!
*Pray for the Lord to move mountains in opening Congo back up to processing exit letters so my friends the Marrs Family, the Carlisle Family, and now, the William's Family can bring their babies home!!!!
*Pray for peace and protection over these little lives that deserve homes and are waiting for one!
*Pray for the families that wait this Christmas season.  That the waiting and longing can be a picture to the waiting and longing we should have for our Savior.

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  1. So thankful for God's faithfulness in every step of this journey! Thank you for the prayers girl! We are praying for you guys every day!!